Les dix meilleurs restaurants de Manille !

Pas facile de faire une sélection parmi les centaines de restaurants qu’il est désormais possible de trouver dans Manille et sa banlieue. De plus, tous les goûts ne sont-ils pas dans la nature ; vous recherchez un restaurant d’inspiration philippine, chinoise, japonaise, italienne, indienne, française et pourquoi pas arabe ? 

J’ai récemment dîné dans un excellent restaurant iranien, l’Arya qui se situe au Robinson Mall d’Ermita. Comptez 1.500 pesos par personne, sans les vins et croyez-moi, le Chiraz n’est pas donné.

Mais nous trouvons également d’excellents restaurants typiques indiens, ils ne sont pas toujours faciles à découvrir, car parfois situés dans les étages d’immeubles qui regroupent bureaux et logements, un véritable parcours du combattant ou plutôt un jeu de piste.

Les restaurants italiens sont légion, je dirais qu’il s’agit souvent plus d’italiens à la sauce américaine, mais il est possible de trouver de véritables Italiens.  Par exemple le Finestra – Solaire Resort & Casino qui se trouve à Parañaque City.  Je donnerai également une très bonne note au CRU steakhouse du Manila Mariott Hotel de Pasay.  Steakhouse, Italian, American restaurant.

Avant que de passer à la liste des dix meilleurs restaurants de Manille, une sélection faite à partir de revues spécialisées, de compte rendus d’amis et connaissances, d’avis de chefs et de spécialistes de la gastronomie, voici ma sélection de restaurants français ou d’inspiration française.

The Old Manila, bien qu’un peu cher et mon préféré « Le Café Curieux », Bistro, Brasserie qui se trouve à Makati, dans le quartier de Bel Air, à l’intersection de Polaris Street et de Badajos Street.

Sans oublier le Duck & Buvette qui se situe au second étage du Shangri-La Plaza Mall à Mandaluyong City.
C’est en fait l’ancien Café Provençal qui s’est modernisé. C’est en 1999 que j’ai découvert le Café Provençal et son patron, un Français, ancien acheteur du Manila Hôtel. J’y passais souvent en revenant de mon bureau de Makati. Au rez-de-chaussée se trouvait une boulangerie avec des fromages et de la charcuterie. Un saucisson pur porc, un morceau de Roquefort, un bout de Cantal, une portion de Brie, voire un Camembert au lait cru, deux baguettes et j’étais paré pour la soirée. Le beurre Président, acheté à Makro (oui la société Suisse) et une bouteille de vin rouge allaient accompagner le tout.

Le Duck & Buvette s’est spécialisé dans le canard confit… à essayer.

Sans oublier le Spiral que l’on retrouve en troisième position dans la liste des dix, à la fois pour son décor, mais également pour ses nourritures variées, ses fromages et sa « chocolaterie ».

So many restaurants in Manila, so little time!
So small stomach.

Whether you’re searching for the best restaurant in the metro or you’re just looking for new places to try, this list of the 10 Best Manila Restaurants in 2014 might be a good place to start. Here you’ll find a good mix of classic spots and a few that you might not have even heard of before.

They may serve different cuisines and have different price ranges but one thing puts them all together – they’re all highly rated by the looloo community!

10. Ippudo

SM Megamall, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong
Famous among frequent Hong Kong travelers for its Hakata-style ramen from Japan, rumors swirled that Ippudo was coming to the Philippines. After a prolonged period of hype and anticipation, the same group that brought us Yabu (also on this list) finally opened Ippudo in 2014 and topped looloo’s Trending List for weeks!

Pork Buns from Ippudo Manila

While they may be known for their Akamaru, Shiromaru, and Karaka-Men bowls, Ippudo also has its reviewers raving about other items on their menu. When you’re ready to wait in line or when you get a chance to time your visit perfectly (which according to some is right when the mall opens or at around 3 PM), don’t forget to try their “fall of the cob” crunchy corn and their “awesome” pork buns.

9. Ramen Nagi
SM Aura, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

It looks like being the most reviewed restaurant and being rated top 2 best ramen restaurant wasn’t enough for Ramen Nagi. Clocking in at number 9, they’re also one of the best-rated restaurants in Manila! (Lucky for us, they now have branches all over the metro!

Black King from Ramen Nagi

Here, diners don’t mind waiting in line and being seated beside people they don’t know. Who cares about eating with strangers anyway when you’re slurping on a warm ramen bowl you’ve fully customized yourself! If filling out their quiz-like form is too much work though, just go with any of their Kings (Red, Black, or Green). For a classic taste of Ramen Nagi, go for the no-brainer choice, their creamy Original Butao King!

8. Izakaya Kikufuji
Chino Roces Ave., Little Tokyo, Makati

A testament to just how good the food is at Izakaya Kikufuji is how some reviewers have mentioned the less than stellar service and difficult parking (especially during peak hours) yet still ended up showering the place with 4 and even 5 star ratings.

5 Kinds of Sashimi from Izakaya Kikufuji
The highest rated and most popular restaurant in Little Tokyo, Izakaya Kikufuji has been around serving authentic Japanese food for years. From their famous Spicy Tuna to their fresh bowls of Chirashi to their much raved about Chicken Teriyaki and Gyu Kushi – if it means having excellent food, you may as well be ready to forgive the service and take a cab to get here!

7. The Snack Shack
V. Luna Extension, Maginhawa, Quezon City

The lone burger place on this list, Snack Shack may have just a small, humble spot in Maginhawa but their crazy affordable burgers (70 for a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, anyone?) is what gets their customers to come in droves.

Snack Shack Burger

But price alone couldn’t have gotten this place a 4.47 rating with over 100 reviews in just one year. Some have called this the “best budget burger in town” while others swear it’s worth the wait (that can sometimes take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour!). If you hate waiting, the Snack Shack team allows you to call or text your orders for pick up. Cheap, delicious, and convenient? Sold!

6. Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina
East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig

Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina Quesadilla

Serving Mexican food fare in huge portions and with most costing under 200 per dish, it’s become a frequent choice not just for foodies but also for friends looking to pig hang out after a long day at work. And if there’s one dish you absolutely must try at Silantro? It’s their Beef Nachos. When more than half of their reviews for 2014 mention their nachos and with some even saying it’s “the best nachos” they’ve ever had, you know you have to try it for yourself.

5. Manam
Greenbelt 2, Ayala Center, Makati

Manam has been happily collecting 5-star reviews from its customers ever since they opened. They aren’t your typical Filipino restaurant, after all. Ever heard of Watermelon Beef Sinigang? Ube Sago Shake? How about Sizzling Kaldereta?

Watermelon Sinigang from Manam

Although the Watermelon Sinigang looks like it’s now a new favorite for a lot of their customers, the Filipino food purists will be happy to know that the Manam team didn’t just think of offering only these delicious twists to the classic Pinoy dishes. The original versions of Sinigang, Bulalo (made with USDA beef belly no less!), Pinakbet, and many others are also available, handy to have for days when you’re looking for some good ‘ol Filipino comfort food.

4. Yabu
Glorietta 5, Ayala Center, Makati

The katsu place that started it all.

Yabu may now have a total of nine branches in the metro but don’t expect the long lines to go away any time soon. A great example of a restaurant brand that provides consistently good food and excellent service, it’s not surprising that they’ve built an army of loyal patrons who keep coming back despite the multitude of restaurant options opening in the city.

Special Katsudon Set from Yabu

Tried and tested reviewer favorites are their Hire and Rosu Katsu, Menchi Katsu for the cheese lover, and Katsu Curry if you’re looking for something different. If you’re dining in hungry and think you’ll still have stomach space left after the filling katsu set, you can’t miss their Chicken Salad and Superior Potato and Egg Salad for appetizers.

3. Spiral
Sofitel Philippine Plaza, CCP Complex, Pasay

Rated as  best buffet on the mid-year report in 2014, it looks like Spiral still holds that crown.

Spiral Buffet
The hefty price of almost 3,000 per head doesn’t seem to faze its customers. Then again, why would it when you’re guaranteed access to their 21 dining ateliers ranging from Japanese to French to what chocolate lovers might consider heaven – their Chocolaterie! And let’s not forget about the famous Cheese Room. The only thing that stops you from trying everything here, is your appetite. Get your money’s worth and make sure you come starving!

2. Ramen Yushoken
Molito Complex, Alabang, Muntinlupa

Rated as THE best ramen restaurant in Manila, Ramen Yushoken obviously has to be high up on this list.

Shoyu from Ramen Yushoken
Over the years, Yushoken has earned the reputation for consistently serving awesome tantanmen, the “best gyoza,” and of course, the “best Shoyu” bowl. If you still haven’t tried them, for the love of ramen, head to Alabang and tell us (better yet, write a looloo review!) if Yushoken really is one of the best!

If you’ve missed the latest Manila ramen news, there’s a hot new ramen joint in town that’s raking in crazy five-star reviews. Brought in by the same team behind Ramen Yushoken, Mendokoro Ramenba in Makati will definitely make 2015 an interesting year for Manila’s best ramen list.

1. Bamba Bistro
Aguirre Ave., BF Homes, Parañaque

All the love for ramen wasn’t enough to beat the stellar reviews that this quaint, homey place in BF Homes received in 2014.

Bamba Bistro

Read their glowing reviews and you’ll find out just why so many diners have fallen in love with Bamba Bistro. Now a famous foodie haunt in the Parañaque area, it looks like they’re attracting patrons from all over the metro.

Some of their popular favorites include the lamb adobo, duck ravioli, Bamba burger, and for dessert lovers, their famous Pizookie. Based on all the five star reviews they’ve gotten, 2014’s best restaurant in Manila sure knows how to serve comfort food you’ll keep coming back for.

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