Cloud 9 and Siargao Island.

Les Philippines offrent tellement de possibilités de découvertes et d’aventures, que parfois l’on en oublie les plus évidentes.

Je peux vous assurer que Siargao n’est pas le seul endroit où il vous sera possible de surfer dans ce pays. Tout ou presque reste encore à découvrir dans ce domaine.

Surigao del Norte is a mosaic island in the northeastern tip of Mindanao. A province that has managed to preserve its natural marvel through the years.

Cloud 9 is one of the best surf spots in the world. Located in the Siargao Island, Philippines, this is an incredible wave touched by the Pacific Ocean swell and winds.

Surfing in Cloud 9 is a remarkable and stunning experience. The best months to hit the waves occur between September and March. Cloud 9 offers a thick and hollow barreling left/right-hander ride and was discovered by the American photographer John S. Callahan, in the late 80s.

In fact the birth of tourism in the island came with the publishing of Surfer magazine in the United States on March 1993 when American photographer John S. Callahan wrote a feature on the island after a visit the previous year. His various photos and awesome description of the island’s excellent surfs and breaks has helped place the island in the international surfing scene. Prior to Callahan’s feature, various surfing enthusiasts such as Steve Jones, Tony Arroza and Mike Boyum have made extensive explorations of the island’s breaks and surfs.

The reef break delivers perfect waves with offshore SW winds, NE swell and around high tide, when the tide is rising. Make sure to protect your head with a surf helmet and prepare for more or less serious wipe outs if you're a beginner.

Although it can get a bit crowed, the famous wave can be surfed without boat support. If it's flat or too crowded at Cloud 9, check other surf spots nearby, where you can also enjoy perfect surf sessions.

Jacking Horse, Stimpys, Pansukian Reef, Guyam Island, Pacifico, Shifty’s, Rock Island, Caridad Left, Tuason Point and Cemetery are only a few alternatives to Cloud 9.

The Sirgao Island has only 437 square kilometers, but there are plenty of places to visit and stay. Bars, restaurants, sailing, fishing, scuba diving are great options. Surf tourists are everywhere and you can share your world surfing experiences with them.

The east coast is relatively straight with on deep inlet-Port Pilar with a coastline marked by a succession of reefs, small points and white sandy beaches. There are similar neighboring islands and islets with similar landforms. The reefs and points are excellent for picking up any swell that comes along turning into clean, fast waves.

The best known surfing break now, with a world reputation of being the top Surfing Waves in the world. Every time a surfing expedition is mounted in the area, more new breaks are being discovered.
You can travel to the Siargao Island and Cloud 9 through Sayak, Dapa, Manila and Cebu. It's easy and not expensive.

Siargao Island, face à l’océan Pacific, se situe à 800 kilomètres au Sud-sud-est de Manille ; elle est reliée à la capitale et à Cebu par des liaisons aériennes.

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